Who are you from Villainous?

Who are you from Villainous?

Villainous is a series of shorts on Cartoon Network, it can also be viewed online.

published on June 14, 201735 responses 9 4.8★ / 5

What's your favorite color?

Black and Red
Yellow and blue
Green and Pink
Pastel blue

Favorite quote?

"What's this? I don't
look like that!"
"In this house there's
only, evil!"
"I'll fix it sir!"
I don't have one/I don't

Favorite character?

Black Hat
Dr. Flug

Who's the worst of them all?

Black Hat
Dr. Flug

Are you evil?

Oh, indubitably!
Well, I am a scientist
Yes! I'm very crazy and
wild as well!
Um, no

Favorite ice cream flavor?

I'll pass
Chocolate, I guess

How do you feel about yourself?

I'd rather not say...
I'm very important!
I'm just amazing!
I'm a very kind person,
but also very shy and,
pushed to extremes.

How smart are you?

Oh, very!
Er, 50/50 I'd say
I don't need smarts!
I'm just simple

Evil or good?

Obviously Evil!
Evil, since I have no
other choice
I dunno!
Good, that's what it
should be

Pick an item

A black top hat
A paper bag
A flower
A guitar

Favorite drink?

Waters fine
Soda pop!