Random Quiz! (3)

Do you like being random? If you do then take this quiz! If youre not random then dont take this quiz coz they will be random answers!

published on April 18, 201535 responses 10 4.2★ / 5

Hi welcome to the Winslet dunkel

Im so glad to be at the Winslet dunkel!
What the heck is that?!

Some random macoroni pinkie pie came up to you.

Yeah! I love random, macoroni, and pinkie pie!
Hi random mac pie thingy. ^~^
I hate this.

Whats my username (no cheating )

I forgot.
Lollidash. Kadoing!

I am a teapot...

Ooh now I have to pee!
Short and stout.
Why are we singing nursey rhymes?

Im a cat meow check me out!

Okay! Blah derp sex me out!
All right *clicks the check button*
What? This is just complete crap.

*dont kill me here* whats your favorite color.

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.!
Gold. Coz its shinny
*grabs knife* nope I will kill you.

I haz cheeseburger. It controlls your mind!

Yay! A cheeseburger will troll my mind!

Warning: raritys dick will know slurp your head!

Ya hoo! This was my dream!
What. But I thought rarity was a girl. :((
Yay. *sarcasam*

We now shall leave.

Wa wa wa!