Which Team Umizoomi character are you?

Milly, Geo or Bot? Take this quiz to know! You can also find your mighty math power.

published on November 27, 201520 responses 12 4.7★ / 5

What is your favorite color?


When you go go to the ice-cream store, which flavor will you buy?


Which is your opinion for a pet?

A cute kitten with designs or patterns on it!
Any one with a cool shape!
I do not have any choice!

Would you like to be a leader, assistant or a follower?

A leader!

Suppose you have a mighty Math Mission to find 3 keys. One is shaped like a heart, another one is a diamond-shaped one, and the third one is star-shaped. Which one will you find?

The Heart-shaped one!
The Diamond-shaped one!
The Star-Shaped one!

What is your biggest flaw?

I think I am Bossy.....
I am annoying.
I think I am not important in any place.