which member of the family are you?

Are you a Sydney, Jenna, Anna, or a Cami? Only time will tell. The ole, family member quiz.

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What time did you wake up today?

6:00, no time to waste. Im working a 9 to 5.
Sometime between 9 and 11, but im due for a 4 hour nap after lunch.
Wake up? Im definitely still in bed. What day is it?
Early enough to get to class. I might be drunk, but I'm timely.

What are you drinking tonight?

What's free?
Do you have potato vodka?
Beer or Jager bombs...
Something to put me in the dancing mood.

Your ideal job is...

Entrepreneur... I'm gonna be the HBIC
Back up dancer for Beyonce.
Categorize shows/movies on Netflix... yes it's actually a real job.
Bad B*tch on Game of Thrones, but I'll settle for anything that isn't finance.

What is your favorite memory abroad?

Realizing you were in the wrong class all semester long.
Can't wait to make memories this summer.
Never remembering going to bed with someone.
Uh... tbh i bailed on going abroad.

When I log into facebook I...

See 800 likes on a picture of me doing nothing.
Post a funny link from reddit on a friends wall.
Like someone's friendship.. if I am not busy poking them.

When you go out you..

Vomit and then promise not to drink for weeks.
Sweat pounds off of my body... due to dancing of course.
Blackout within 30 minutes.
Awkwardly stumble.

What are you listening to tonight?

Kanye -The Chainsmokers
Leave the Night On -Sam Hunt
Tuesday -Drake
Do I Want to Know - Arctic Monkeys