Safe Escape WWFFY part 6

Safe Escape WWFFY part 6

The guys are going to take you out shopping to buy *GASP* clothing! Enjoy!

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"__!” You were jolted awake, looking around in confusion at first before remembering where you were. "Sorry about that" Knuckles muttered. "But we have plans for the day, you'll like them" He says with a smile. You rubbed your eyes and stretched. You couldn't remember the last time you slept so well. Following Knuckles into the kitchen, you saw that he was making pancakes.
“Amy taught us stuff" You smiled and nodded.
"Hey __!" You turned to see Sonic, Shadow and Tails sat at the table. "Since your stood up, mind getting Silver for us?" Tails asks.

Hey guys! Sure!
Hello, I guess I can
Heyyy, sure! Love to!
Morning, I'll get him

You nodded and walked down the hall, stopping in front of the room you saw Silver go into last night. You gave a few light knocks. The door was pushed open. Silver stood there, hand on the other end of the doorknob. He looked exhausted. You wondered if he got any sleep.
“Morning.” was all he said. You step to the side as he walks out, shutting the door behind him. You catch his attention and sign to him. Did you sleep?
“I got a few hours. Don't worry about me.” He gave a lazy smile.

Ugh, kinda feel bad, hope he wasn't worrying about me
Okay, so! Guess what's for breakfast?
Oh Silvy, please look after yourself as well as me
You need sleep, it's good for you

You both walked over to the dining area as Knuckles was setting down a plate stacked high with pancakes. He set out smaller plates and silverware for each of you, along with a giant bottle of maple syrup.
"Good to see u up before noon" Sonic teased. You piled a few pancakes up on your plate and smothered them with syrup. You didn't know if you had ever been this excited for pancakes, but you really were today.
“So" Shadow started after taking a swig from his orange juice. “We going shopping for __ or what?" You looked up at Shadow in surprise.
"Yep" Knuckles says flipping another pancake. You felt your face heat up.

Shopping?! For me???
Hey, no one said anything about shopping
But I don't have any money! How am I going to pay them back?
I owe so much already!

You started signing frantically. You don't have to do this! I have things. I'm good! You were pretty sure you messed up some, but they seemed to get what you were saying.
“C'mon __!" Sonic winked at you “It's the least we can do.” Least they could do? For what? You being a bum?
“What do you want? There must be something!" Knuckles pressures eating his own pancakes. You thought for a moment, and looked up at them to sign again. I guess I do need an outfit for job interviews.
"Great!" Tails cheered.

Yeah, great
These guys are too nice to me
I'll pay you back! I swear!
A suit, then job, then money and then I'm out of here

Thinking about going shopping wracked your nerves. You were going to have to try on things, you didn't even know what sizes you wore. Speaking of clothes, your still in your pjs...I need to get dressed. You signed. The guys nod.
"Just use my room for now" Shadow says shrugging. You show your happy and take some clothes don't don't look so dirty and head to his room. Slipping on the clothes you glance in the mirror and wince turning away.

Yikes, my clothes aren't that bad are they?
Oh no...
Shadow has a mirror?! O.o
I don't think it's the clothes that are bad...

Fighting back tears, you turned your back on your reflection. Your face was hot and the burning sensation in your eyes was too much to bear. You sniffed a few times, trying not to let the tears fall. Things weren't supposed to happen like this. You were supposed to go to college, enter the career of your choosing, and become successful. You had dreams and aspirations. But it all went so very, very wrong. You jumped slightly at a noise coming from the door. You looked over to see a piece of paper and pen had been shoved underneath it. Kneeling to pick it up, you read the words scrawled messily on the paper.
You ok?

Crap, what do I say?
Aw Shadow...
Sorry Shadow
Fine! Great! I'm okay!

He must have heard you sniffling while waiting for his room back. You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand and grabbed the pen, writing a reply
Yeah. Be out in just a minute.
You slid the paper and pen back under the door and cleaned yourself up. After about a minute, the paper was shoved back through.
Ok. Put your dirty clothes in the basket by the bed, we will wash them for you.
You weren't sure about making them do your laundry, but you put the clothes in the basket anyway.

In they go~
But my underwear O////O
I should do my own laundry, then then again I could get in the way...
Thanks Shadow

You stepped out of the room after getting dressed and walked down the hallways toward the living room. The guys were standing there talking until Shadow noticed you.
“Feel better?” He asked. You nodded and smiled. "You ready __?" You nodded at Knuckles.
“She's is gonna need a coat though.” Tails said. You pointed to your jacket laying on the couch, but he shook his head. “You need something warmer. It's really cold out there”
"I got an extra hoodie, I hardly wear it anyway.” Sonic says disappearing down the hall. Sonic reappeared with a hoodie, pullover with a lot of fluff in the hood. You pulled it on and situated it. It was very cozy and smelled nice. You signed your thx to Sonic. What colour was it?


You were really overwhelmed there. Too many people, too many clothes. You had decided to try on some black trousers paired with a dark purple blouse. It looked really good. You could probably pass as a business woman in this getup. There were more outfits hanging on the wall of the dressing room, Tails insisted you try on more than one or two. Looking through them, you saw one of them was a dress. You didn't remember telling him that you wanted a dress, and you weren't a huge fan of them, but you tried it on anyway. You were taken aback by what you saw in the mirror.

Oh no, I'm not going through another sad moment am I?
I don't wear dresses that much but oh well
Guess I look good? Or bad?
Bless Tails, heart of gold ^.^

The dress was a deep, royal red color that dipped and pooled at the neckline. It clung to you without being too tight and showing too much. From the hips down, it was a little looser and flowed until it stopped at your knees. You didn't like them buying things for you, but you swore that you would pay them back. And you really wanted this dress.

Wow! I want this dress!
I love red! Match made in heaven!
Everyone needs at least ONE nice dress right?
I don't need this dress, but it looks so nice O3O

The guys ended up buying more than you really needed. You tried to stop them, but once was on a roll, you couldn't. You wanted to cry. You were frustrated with them, but also really grateful. You promised them over and over that you would repay them, but they all acted like it was no big deal. This was all so foreign to you. In the past 2 days you had been shown more kindness than you had in years.

Thank you so much!
I might cry...
I need to pay them back!