What job is best suited for you?

If you like a job just take this quiz and see if you are compatible with your dream job

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What do you do to help yourself at school?

Challenge yourself in different ways
You study HARD!
You change boring into fun!!!

What do you do at home for fun??
But you have a test..... What do you do??

Study but have fun after
Do your work and then play on the computer
STUDY.STUDY............................................Then look over your answers for homework

Do you have a lot of friends??

You have a bunch of friends! You are really popular!
You have study partners! Good enough!
You have an average amount of friends! You are nice and you get new friends all the time

Do you like animals?

Yes but no dangerous animals!
There nice but i'm not looking for a pet

Are you smart?

I get A+ on most of my test's
I get good marks!
My marks are good but i don't always get A's and i'm not good at some subjects