what rob character are you?

what rob character are you?

Which RVB character are you you must find out red team blue team orange team but there is no fuking gold team it is orange!

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what is your favorite past time

plotting to kill the blues
working on making our base better
tending to the garden and house work
sleep I want to sleep
figuring out my fuking life!
just you helping everybody out
um I think you now bro picking up hot chicks!!!!!!! bow chicka bow wow

what color armor do you want

not gold not yellow fuking orange
light red
dark red
bright red
light blue
you know i would really like some dark blue armor but i really like brown but blue is nice

i giant robot threatens to kill all of you

hes not deadly he is my friend!
ahh shit well oh well
maybe if I listen to it, it won't kill me
kill it with fire!!!
please not in the face!
please don't hurt me I'm a pacifist
so you're a girl right bow chicka bow wow
I'm a computer too bitch

your friend leaves for a little bit

church were are you please come back!!!!!
a perfect time to destroy the enemy
we have the upper hand now sir
so where do I fit in all of this
I'll help whoever needs helping
peace out bitches
time to pick up some chicks bow chicka bow wow

you are about to complete a mission and a hardness appears

shit well lets do this
gad dammit we were so close shit!!!
I have constructed a plan
whats the plan sir
sometimes I pee in my sleep and I just peed but I'm not sleeping so I'm very confused
so you guys are gunna fight him right
sorry no can do I'm a pacifist

if you were to be given a code name what would it be

lazy fuk
cookie thing guy
lady killer
pink guy
ass kisser