What Is Your Style? (4)

Find out what your style icon is for tomorrow's case off. -Gryffindor

published on February 12, 201516 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

How often do you update your wardrobe?

Almost every week!
Whenever I see something I like
Not often, I'm creative with my clothes.

What do you think of sporting a floral romper?

It's too mainstream for me
I love floral, but not rompers
I would love to.
What's a romper?

How often do you check fashion blogs?

All the time!
Most of the time

I like to stand out among my friends:

Always true
Mostly true
Seldom true
Not true

What do you usually feel about what you're wearing?

I feel good
it doesn't matter
It's me.