Do you Even Care for Life or Do you Love Life?

This test will see if you are crazy or just plain stupid! So be surpsurprised. What might happen to you when you get your results NO MORE FUNDING QUESTIONS JUST GO ON!

published on November 21, 201425 responses 8
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How do you feel toward people?

I think people are wonderful because you get
to see and experience things I haven't done
I hate them I think they should go die in a

Do you feel like you you don't belong in the world anymore?

I think I don't belong because everyone is the same and I don't want to be like everyone
This world is wonderful I don't think negative like that other weird question

How do you feel about this test so far?

It's a waste of my time
It's a good quite so far
Why don't I ask the questions around here missy

What do you like better?

Chocolate cake
Unicorns are pretty ?

WHAT'S your favorite color?

You weirdo I should as You that question
Let Frank answer that
Blue black bloody red
Pink neon green and white