Which University do you belong at?

Take this test to see which University suits your personality the best! Tell me your results in the comments section!

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Which University do you belong at?

What is ideal weather for you?

Lots and lots of sunshine.
Hot summers and cold winters.
I just want it to be average temperature year round.

What size would you like your campus to be?

Very small
I'm not concerned with size

Where would you like to attend college?

In a big city
In a small city
In the middle of nowhere

How far away from home are you willing to go?

I want to stay close to my family
I want to stay close for money reasons
I want to go as far away as possible
I want to go out of state, but not too far

How important is sports in your choice?

I plan on going to college for sports
Not important at all
I just want to watch the games
I need to go somewhere where I can get on a team for sure

How well known does your college have to be?

Ivy League!
Well known
It doesn't have to be well known
Fairly well known

What do you want to major in?

The arts
I want to study animals or nature

Is religion important in your choice?

Very important.
Slightly important
Not important
I would like to have several options available

How much are you willing to spend on college?

I'm trying to go as cheap as possible!
I'll spend whatever it takes
I'm willing to pay out of state tuition
Average amount

Would you rather attend a public or private college?

Private - Small
Private - Big
Public - Small
Public - Big