What's your Supermom status?

What's your Supermom status?

Take this quick quiz and find out whether you are living your #empoweredlife while being a natural Supermom!

published on April 22, 20183 responses 0
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You wake up in the morning feeling....

Excited, jumping out of bed and ready to start the day!
Snoozing a bit, starting to think of all the things you have to get done.
You pull the covers over your head trying to protect yourself from jumping and screaming kids and wondering what you did
to deserve this!

When planning your day you....

List your top three priorities, do them first and then deal with the urgent stuff that comes up
Make list of about 20 things that need to get done today
My plan is to survive the day. Period.

When a new idea pops into your head you....

Immediately jot it down and diarise a time to unpack it and start implementing it into your life.
Jot it down on your list of 101 ideas and get around to it in a few weeks (or months)
Feel inspired for a moment and forget about it

You end your day.....

Enjoying a cup of tea, reading a bit after putting the kids to bed and feeling that today was another good day.
Making it through the evening rush of dinner, homework and getting the kids to sleep before 10 and then taking a few
minutes to read of have a cup of tea before falling into bed knackered....
Crashing into bed exhausted, knowing there's a pile of things to do tomorrow because you just didn't have time (or
energy) for it today!

When you're doing your budget every month you...

Feel happy about the money you have left over for investments and see that you can actually afford another spa day :)
Feel okay with it but wish there was a bit more for a mani or pedi.
Don't mention that dreaded word! There simply isn't enough and you have to stretch everything to make it fit!

The idea of starting a business fills you with....

Excitement, it will change my life for the better in all areas of my life!
Interest, but where would I start and what would I do?
Complete horror, just give me my 9-5 thank you!