are you a good or bad daughter :3

this is for girls only so yeah sorry guys i dont do guy quises so yeah

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um... hi.. i must warn you i am pretty sensitive so please dont be mean with results..

Mom! where are my shoes! i need warm feet! hi NOOB
sup? is there a cigar tin anywhere?
hello! i will do what i want in the results
hello there!
hi there! your kinda shy dont you think?

so um... h-how many chores do you do a day?

none i will scream at my mom when she asks!
none i hate them
1 a month
1 a week
1 a day
i ask my mommy if i can do chores and i will not hurt you! quit acting shy!

i-is your room tidy or not? *steps back and looks at the ground*

its a MESS
clutter clutter
quite dusty
afew pillows laying here and there
only afew specks of dust under the rug
clean as a whistle! quit acting shy! *growls*

so um this test is nearly done... do you like playing outside?

no i hate that sun i like fake tan not sunburn!
most times
quite alot
yeah yeah i love it! *snarls and brings out claws* (me: umm...)

well um bye... thats it *steps back a bit more*

bye *filing nails*
hm? oh i wasent listening
see you again soon!
*angry but calm again* bye *mumbles* shy noob