What faction do you Belong in? Click here to Find out!

What faction do you Belong in? Click here to Find out!

A small quiz to find out whether you are Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite or even Divergent!

published on May 10, 201441 responses 17
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Tori hands you a vial of liquid. "Don't get nervous. Stay calm. Usually the person gets their designated faction, it's no worth stressing over." Your eyes skim over the tinted blue liquid.

"What is this?" You ask, curiously.
Without a word, you nod and quickly tip your head back to swallow it.
You stay silent as a whole bunch of things go through your head. It doesn't look good, and you wonder
what it is. You don't mind, however, and begin to take a careful sip.
You smile kindly at Tori, and say "Thank You."
"This doesn't look like it will taste good," You say, examining Tori.
You throw your head back and forcefully take a swig.

Regardless, you drink the blue liquid and drift into a sleep. You see five tables in front of you. Each one contains either a knife, block of cheese, textbook, glass, and a necklace. Suddenly, a dog is charging towards you. Which do you choose?

The Knife, and stab the dog with it.
The Cheese, and throw it to the dog with a grin.
Refuse to grab anything, and sink to the floor.
The Textbook, and quickly read up how to tame the dog.
The Glass, and stab the dog with the shard.
The necklace, and tightly cling onto it.

You wake up again, and you are in a chair, your hands tied behind you. You can't move, and when you look to your right, you see a man with a gun, pointing the trigger in your direction. Looking back to your left, you see another younger girl staring back at you with teary eyes. What do you do?

Sink to your knees and watch the room dip and sway. It seems so real, but at the same time, it seems
like it's not.
Scream "NO!" and dive forward, sacrificing your life so the younger girl will not get hurt.
Stay there quietly and close your eyes. No use in causing conflict.
Look towards the man, and realize the position he is holding the gun in. He will most likely shoot with
a small amount of accuracy, so it won't hit either of you.
"You are careless. The girl hasn't even lived her life yet," You say harshly to him, hoping he will
recognize his mistake and drop the weapon.
Remember the knife and your pocket and attempt to cut yourself out of the chair silently. Afterwards,
throw it in his direction and pray that it hits him spot-on.

Everything flashes, and soon, you find yourself in the middle of an extreme storm on top of a building. The cold rain brushes against your cheeks roughly. The winds push you back and forth to the point where you stumble upon your feet, and you can hear the rushing water of a storm surge inching closer. What do you do?

Try and see if you can find sight of a family or house to warn members.
Embrace yourself, ready your fists and plan to jump at the sight of rushing water. You are not afraid.
Look at the sky. The storm is one of the most intense. Close your eyes and sigh, remembering the
lesson you had on storms not too long ago and recall what to do during it.
Your knees buckle, and you find yourself falling.
Know that you will die. It's okay. Peace will come.
"This is a terrible storm," You mumble under your breath, wrapping your arms around your torso in
fear as the storm seem like it will swallow you any second now.

The previous scene passes by, and next, you find yourself underwater. You begin to panic as piranhas swim towards you. What do you do? Act fast!

Let them eat you. There is no point in trying to find a way to escape.
Peace. Do not struggle; they will leave.
Piranhas..I don't even know how to swim. I am nothing. Sink, sink, sink. They are not real, and I.. am
Stay calm, and hold your breath. Bow your head and they will see that you are no threat due to your
Flail your arms and kick at them! Throw swings and punches to scare them idiots away!
Ew, fish. Try to swim backwards and get away from the smelly animals.

You see two smaller kids fighting on the playground while you are walking home. Out of the corner of your eye, you see one of them fall somehow. They hurt child screams for you with wet cheeks, pointing to a small gash on their elbow. The injured child claims that the other kid pushed them down, but the kid argues that they did not. What do you do?

Nod quietly and rip off a piece of your clothing to wrap their arm up with, forgetting everything you
were doing.
Guide them towards your house and treat them with good care.
Give them your blue scarf and apply pressure to stop the bleeding and wound from getting worse.
Snicker evilly, showing no sympathy for the poor child.
Knowing that the other is not being honest, inform them on what they're doing is wrong and comfort
the injured child.
Ignore them, swiftly walking away and plugging your ears to ignore the cries of the child.

Everything fades. You're in your house and hear a knock on the door. Once you open it, you notice that there is a professor standing before you pointing to a picture of your father, accusing him of smuggling goods. He asks if he is there, and you feel your cheeks thumping with emotion. Pick your choice.

At the sight of him and accusing your father of false crime, you jab him in the throat and swing his feet
out from under him with a dropkick; rendering him helpless.
You lie, but he can tell. "You know him," He insists, and you look him deeply in his dark eyes. Just
when you are about to admit it, you just shake your head lightly and say "No. I do not."
Nod slowly, telling the professor that he is your father and nervously scratch your eyebrow.
Lie, and calmly say you have never seen the man a day in your life.
Your eyes examining the defined facial features of your dad, you drag your eyes up to the man, silently
shaking your head. "No."
"He works as a teacher, and in his early 30's," You say, pausing. "But no. He is not here, I've only seen
him around a few times."

A knife is in your hand. You feel the tip of a gun pressed tightly into the back of your head, and a woman's voice telling you something. You make out the words "Kill one", but every other phrase is muffled by your blood rushing nervously. Your brother, mother, and father are in front of you, each of them weeping. Pick.

Act as if you are going to, but instead, stomp on the woman's feet and turn around to stab her in the
"Kill me instead," You say, fearlessly. Your family must live.
"I will not kill them." You mumble, your sweaty palms grasping to the knife, but without any
Stab your mother. She wasn't intelligent; not needed for the family.
Take the knife and stab yourself - straight through the heart.
Beg her to let you and your family go, and promise peace if she does so.

You notice something about a girl, who looks exactly like you. She is the last in line behind a group of soldiers under a serum, but something is different about her. The position she holds the gun in isn't like the rest, and her face is not calm, it is in a nervous, twisted expression. You walk up to her, and she looks at you with scary eyes. "Please help me..I..I'm Divergent. What are they doing?

"Run," You tell her, pointing in the opposite direction the soldiers are looking at.
Run away and pull her along with you.
Kill her. She is a threat to the system, and will destroy it. She will kill you if you don't eliminate her
Shake your head, and pull out your swiss army knife before stabbing her.
"Thank you for being honest," You thank her, but frown. "I cannot help you. I don't know you."

Your crush/lover walks up to you, and smirks. S/He walks up to you and pulls you close to them. You want them badly, but at the same time, you feel something..What do you do?

Get lost in their eyes but stumble back, hitting your head and knocking yourself unconscious.
Kiss them! Duh, they're fineee.
Go full of force and make out with them. BRING IT!
Push them away, knowing you couldn't. They aren't your type.
Smile, but don't get any further than that. You care for them, but you couldn't possibly let them think
about you that much.
"Stop." You mutter, pushing them away. "You're a bad kisser..I'm sorry."