What World Cup Team Are You?

What World Cup Team Are You?

Which 2014 World Cup nation are you the most like? Only the traditional powerhouses are here.

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You are going out on the town tonight. What are you wearing?

Suit and tie.
Lots and lots of bling-bling.
Anything colorful.
Anything dark.
Whatever is cool.
The most comfortable clothing you own.
Nothing that makes a big statement.

Your views on politics are....

I'm right, you're wrong.
Bring back the good times.
They don't effect me.
Power to the people.
They're entertaining but they don't really help.
I have clear politics goals and agendas.
Who cares?

What is your favorite course in school?

I like them all.
I don't like any of them.

Your favorite place in America is....

Miami, baby!
Somewhere on the West Coast.
Washington DC
Somewhere in the deep South.
New York City

If you were in New York City, which would you do?

Go to the best local dive-restarant.
Go to an art museum.
Go on a long run around Central Park.
Go the up and coming hip-hop club the Bronx.
Go to a cool neighborhood and walk around.
Go to a Yankees game.
Go to Katz Deli or a similarly classic restaurant.

When you are on the internet you are most likely to...

Read about the latest news.
Create an account on the newest social media site.
Watch the latest viral YouTube video.
Read and comment about the latest celebrity gossip.
Create a blog for everybody to see.
Shop around on different sites for the best deals.
I prefer the TV.

What kinds of movies do you like?

A patriotic military movie.
Any type of action movie.
A well-made documentary.
A cheesy old sci-fi movie.
A standard romantic comedy.
A silly comedy.
Any type of anime or animated movie.

What is your preferred means of transportation?

A subway.
An efficient mini-car.
A big old van with all your friends.
The most expensive sports car.
Any type of train.
Anything vintage.
Uh, ever heard of walking?

What type of music do like?

Anything festive.
Anything with a good beat.
Anything experimental.