What Dork Diaries Character are you?

What Dork Diaries Character are you?

Are you a Dork Diaries fan? Who would you be? Take this quiz to find out.

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Why did Mackenzie want Chloe and Zoey in the Talent show?

To make Nikki Jealous
To make Nikki feel bad
Because their good dancers

Why did Nikki enter the talent show?

Because she needed the scholarship for the tuition money
To beat Mackenzie
Because she wanted to have fun

What do you expect from your education?

My teachers dislike me so they give me a bad grade
I try as much as everyone else
I work hard so that I can get a good career

If you went to a school and the only reason why is because your dad was the exterminator their. What would you do?

I wouldn't care I would just be me
Try and keep it a secret
Frame it on someone else

If you were Mackenzie why would you hate Nikki?

I wouldn't, I would try and be friends with her
I would be nice to Nikki
Because she likes Brandon and Brandon likes her

What would you where to the halloween dance?

Something that costed a lot of money
I would be what I want to be
I would where something that looks good

One word to describe Mackenzie would be


What would you use the $500 art competition money on?

Art camp and art supplies
Make-Up and Clothes
Photography Supplies