Who are you from Divergent?

Who are you from Divergent?

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Your personality colours?

Happy colours!
Bright and vibrant!
Black and grey
Dark red
Light grey
Bright red
All colours/rainbow

What you like Dauntless? Why?

H*ll yeah! Dauntless can be open-minded and irresponsible and no-one even minds!
No! No-one there gives a hoot about knowledge!
Yes! I can actually be free there!
Yeah, I can beat people up and no-one gives a damn about it!
No, not now but I liked the old Dauntless - it was great until Eric came along!
Yep! They are FUN, man!
No, they never listen to ANYTHING I SAY!!
Yes, I mean they have a Zip Line!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!
No, it makes me unhappy when I have to fight my friends!
Yeah! But it IS kinda dangerous!

Your crush asks you to THE dance of the YEAR, how do you react?

Really? Sure!
Yeah, uhm, that'd be cool!
Pfft. Are you kidding? I could do way better than him/her!
Yah, I'd love to go with you!
Say yes but then ditch him/her for someone hotter
No, sorry, I have to study then
Of course!
Oh my gosh! Um, thanks for asking but I something on!

What does your former faction think of you?

Shy, yet brave
Only my friends know me well enough for that!

What do you do in your spare time?

I play games in the garden with my Mum while we're waiting for my Dad to come home
I study for a test
I go up to my room and play by myself
I joke and laugh with my friends
I get into fights and then blame someone else
I threaten people on the street for money
I plan ways to get my crush to notice me
I do sport
I draw!
I hang around with my friends

Someone tells you your friend has been whispering secrets about you that she swore she'd keep secret! What do you do?

Why of all the little [CENSORED!]
Hey, that burns!
I go up and punch the cr*p outta them!
Go up, make a big scene and slap them hard
Hint about it in a joke and then get up and walk off
Plan how I should tell them and then embarrass them
Don't speak to them, or ignore them until they apologise
Find out more before confronting them - the person who told me could be lying
Pull them aside sometime and tell them off
Leave it - it was probably an accident