Rock, Blues, Classical, or pop

Rock, Blues, Classical, or pop

Are you pop, classical, Rock or Blues? Find out in this quiz! What genre are you

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What’s your favourite instrument.

Electric guitar
No instrument required. Turntable all the way!

What’s the best album released

Back in Black by AC/DC
Fearless Taylor Swift
Chuck berry on top by Chuck Berry
Mozart in the morning by Mozart

Who is the best Singer?

Freddie Mercury
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Luciano Pavarotti

Choose the lyrics you know best

Whoa, Sweet child o mine (From the song Sweet child o mine by Guns n Roses)
I’m beginning to feel like a rap god, rap god (From the song Rap God by Eminem)
Go Johnny go, go ,go!
Who needs lyrics! It’s about the violins and cellos and trumperts!

What’s your favourite genre?

Pop (rap, hip-hop ect)
I like them all