Which Black Butler character are you? (2)

Which Black Butler character are you? (2)

The title basically speaks for itself. Are you Ciel, or Sebastian? Grell? The Undertaker? Find out!

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What's your favorite color?
(sorry, I had to ask this! please don't kill meh! >~<)

Gray, like death >:3
Woof? (translation: what are colors?)
Pink!!! <3

What do you like to do in your spare time?

make sure everything is tidy.
I do whatever I want to, I don't have to tell you!
Woof woof (translation: sleep)
I have no spare time.
Paint the town red! >:3
I like to play with dolls and make things look adorable!

Describe yourself in one word.

Bratty and selfish
(me: That's two words. -_-)
Woof! (Translation: furry!)
Faaaabulous! *strike a pose*
(me: -_-)

Which of these things would you like the most?

A new dress!
(me: *slowly backs away* O~O)
Some nightshade would be nice. eheheh
(me: 0~0)
Woof! (translation: food!)
I don't know.. Just get me something nice. And make it quick, I'm not the most patient right now.

If you were a toaster, what would you be?

Why would I be a toaster? I mean, not that I wouldn't be if I were told to..
Wow, what kind of stupid question is this?
(me: couldn't think of anything else T~T)
I don't have time for this..
A toaster, obviously. What were you aiming to accomplish with this question?
...I'm confused
(me: hahah, me too)

Well, that's it! Seeya! :)

Seeya! ^^
Goodbye, and you're welcome. :)
(me: Yay!)
*sigh* Yeah, bye. Hope I never have to talk to you again.
(me: T~T)
Woof! (translation: Bye!)
*too distracted by inner fantasies*
Bye!! *pulls out chainsaw*
(me: EEK O~O)