Which Pc 12 Tke are you?

Are you a Jimmy, an Emmett, a Sook, or Reinaldo? They are all great and I have a bone bone for all of them. Wiener Yay!

published on December 12, 20149 responses 0

What are you drinking right now?

More than you.
Nothing, I already drank it.
Natty Lite.

Whats your pick up line?

Aye girl, you a beaver? cause DAMN?
You wanna see something cool? It's my d*ck.
Are you wearin moon pants? Cause your ass is out of this world.
Show me your titties.

Your ideal date involves..

Being blacked-out on taaka.
Bar hop and end up at the Ritz.
a nice walk on the beach...

What do you look for in a woman?

Her mom
a skinny girl.

Favorite Beer?

sweetwater ipa
Bud light. Glass bottles.
natty light, easy to drink.