What type of Broken are you?

What type of Broken are you?

Are you sad? Are you blaming yourself for everything? Are you harming yourself? Do you want to blend in? Take this quiz and find out what you are...

published on August 26, 201746 responses 9
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Do you ever feel like it is your fault?

Yes i feel like everything bad is my fault
No but sometimes it is
No...my life was just a lie..

Do you do self harm?

Yes but i do not cut myself to bleed
No because hurting myself does not change anything
I do sometimes but i have someone to hurt me..

Do you feel sad or depressed?

Yes but sometimes it goes away
Every single day in my life...
Mostly 12 hours a day

What is you favorite thing to do?

I like to be alone but blend in with the crowd
i like to sing/draw/etc but i tend to stay alone/comfort my friend
I like to stay away from people

Do you like depressing music?

Yes because it is relatable
Yes but i don't listen to them often
No because it reminds me of pain..

Do you question your existance

Yes but i tend to forget
No because i know why i exist
Yes because why do i exist in the first place?

Do you just tone out everything and everyone?

Yes but i need the people i care about
Yes and no because life just have twists and turns
I try but they all come back and it hurts..

Lastly..do you feel alone when you are around people?

Yes but i just smile
No because people are there
No because i want to be alone but i can't be alone..

Will you tell in the comments what you got and check my other quizzes!

okay..that wouldn't hurt..right?