WWFFY- Part 2! (1)

Soo we left off when you knocked on a door where the freaking people didn't answer XD but then they did! (FINALLY!) and now you meet new people stay tuned for Part 3!

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When you came in you saw a room full of a whole bunch of other hedgehogs! (my OC colors are white and red, its actually white but silver is white soo its gonna get confusing) You saw a white and red one, a white one, a red and black one, and a blue one! Hi! Said the white and red hedgehog. Whats your name? __. You said. Well hi __! I'm SilverMist! But you can call me Misty for short! The blue one is Sonic, the white one is Silver, and the black and red one is Shadow! Shadow is the grouch soo don't mind him!

I think the white one is pretty cool!
I think the blue one is nice!
I think the black and red one is hot!

Silver looks at you and smiles. He gets up from the couch and walks up to you. "Hi." He says while smiling at you.

"Hey Silver!" (smiles)
oi, why is this stalker saying hi to me?

So __ are you free tonight? Silver, Sonic, and Shadow ask. "Yes ..." You say.

Ooh is Silver about to ask me out?
Sonic I love you!
Is Mr.Grumpy-Pants asking me out? :D

One of the boys said they would take you out to a restraunt. But it's a mystery of who's going with you! DUN DUN DUN!

i want to go with silver! (hes mine lady!) ;( (lol jk) :D
SONIC! (ok ok)
Shadow may be a grouch but you left out 1 part! He's a HOT grouch! (i dont think i wanted to say that ... lol ...)

You were getting prepared for your date tonight and the restraunt wasnt too far so you guys decided to walk there. You waited for your date outside and he finally came ...