are you Nikki or Mackenzie from dork diaries

are you Nikki or Mackenzie from dork diaries

Find out if you are Nikki maxwell the dorky girl or Mackenzie the CCP princess :)

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What is your average outfit

Cheap hoodie and jeans
Only the best and trendy outfits

A new girl just arrived at your school she is a MAJOR dork with a ugly outfit what is your first impression of her

She is probably me ☺️
Umm excuse me there is no way that loser can get away with wearing that awful thing

What are 5 words to describe you


Are you happy with yourself or would you want to be someone else

I am extremely unhappy with myself I would be anyone else any day
Excuse me but I love myself and so does everyone else

Are you popular

No way I'm a dork
Of course I am I'm perfect don't hate me because I'm pretty 😊😊😊😊