Fit or Fugly?

Are you fit♥ or Fugly ...Please remember this quiz is just for a bit of fun♥

published on May 11, 201441 responses 10 4.5★ / 5

Your flirting is....


You've had ;

1 or more boy\girl friends
0 girlfriends

Your more :


You've got

Allot of friends!
A few friends...

You've play on;

Movie star planet, stardoll, hmvu, moshi monster , Xbox type games.
Instagram, kik, snapchat type games

Be honest, at the end of the quiz You want it to say that you're...


You're truthful reason behind that?

I want to be fit and tell everyone that I am.
I want to be Fugly and proud! Hell yeah!

You're more...


If you're result says "Fugly" at the end of the quiz, what will you're reaction be?

Disappointed. Utterly disappointed.
This quiz is just a bit of fun! Fugly is beauty you idiots!

Last question!♥ You'd rather Be!!...

FIT and COCKY than...(or)
FUGLY and a BEAUT than.. (or)