the lost medallion

the lost medallion

who are you from the movie the lost medallion, billy, allie, huko, or falika

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some one wants your help, what do you do?

who cares, at least its not you
agree, your wisdom will help
agree, they might need your skill
agree, its the nice thing to do

you see some one is caotured by "bad guys", what do you do?

hide, you need time to listen to advice and think of a plan
rush in to help, you've got a plan
give your friends advice on the best way to save the person
who cares, at least its not you

you see someone stealing from you, what do you do?

run after them, that is yours, they should give it back
tell them to give it back
call the police
run after them, why did they need it?

you see some one sitting where you normally sit (can be anywhere), what do you do?

let them sit there, who cares, its not like it matters
let them sit there, it doesn't matter anyway
they need a spot to sit, let them sit
push them off, tell them never to come near you again

some one does something for you, what do you do

ignore them, everyone should do what I say any way
politely thank them
thank them, they just made your life easier
thank them, though YOU could've do it yourself

someone tells you to do something

do it for them
excuse me, you're soposed to tell them that
agree, you might need them to do something for you some day
agree, why not?

your friends talk about you behind your back, what do you do?

ignore them, they arnt true friends
cry, you thought they were your best friends
get revenge!!!
don't talk to them, they are just rude, who needs them any way?!