What type of girl are you? (8)

What type of girl are you? Find you here! There are 5 different outcomes!

published on September 27, 201631 responses 4 4.6★ / 5
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How would you rather you're hair?

Black in my face so people can't see me... I also have a beanie
Blonde in a bun with a bow that says "sparkles"
Long and pink like an anime hairstyle
Red in a high ponytail with a cap
Rainbow! With plaits

What is your personality?

Sad, lonely and kawaii
Happy,fun and artistic
Sporty, playful and kind
Popular, bossy and pretty
Smart, fun and loves anime

What's you favourite colour

Anything fun and happy
Black or blood red
Red like the colour of my sports team!
All of 'em

Which do you think you are?

Emo (sad)
Nerd (smart)
Prep (popular)
Jock (sporty)
Artist (artistic)

You are walking down the street and you see a stranger crying you...

Help them...
Help them up and leave
Walk past it's not my problem
I wouldn't be out on the street I would be curled up on my bed at home...
I would be at home studying!

Sorry this quiz was short! Will you like? This does effect your answer

Nope ?
Sorry I don't have a account...
Why not!
Yeah-no I'm not gonna