Wolf Ranking

Wolf Ranking

Have you ever wonder what rank you would have a s a wolf, if so, take a quiz that is made by almost a expert at this.

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How tall are you?

5-6 feet
4-5 feet
6-7 feet

How athletic are you?

I try to exersize every day
I mostly get get my exercise from the 6 sports I play and when I ride my bike with
What do you mean exersize I am sitting behind a computer 24/7
I play one sport each season
I do yoga and dance

When your friends are fighting you...

Usually try and break up the fight but end up fighting to
Are ussually in the fight maybe I started it
Stay clear away its none of my business
Ussually I break up the fight without fighting with them, and before anyone gets hurt

Your babysitting 3 of your cousins there 5, 7, and 9, mostly there very sensitive and loving. What do you do all night.

I am the one being babysit
I put each of them in a difrent room so they don't fight, make them dinner, check on
them every ten minutes, and then text my friends there not my problem
I watch them very carefully and play with them even if I don't whant to.
I'm very close with them and it's almost as if there my friends

You family's out of food and your parents need to work you...

Make your brother or sister get it it's not my problem
Hide in your room until food arrives it's not like you could have done any better
Go get it yourself
Offer to get it maybe you do maybe you don't.

We're do you prefer to sleep?

In my bed
On the couch it's closer to the kitchen so I ca get my coffe easier.
In my moms bed which is more comfortable than mine
Were ever there's room for me ussually we have gusses over

There's a big test coming up what do you do?

Study really hard for a good grade
Studies a lot because I have nothing else to do.
Study enough so I pass
I don't study
School? Who has time for that?

How tiers are you at the end of the day

I fall sleep as soon as I hit the pillow
I'm asleep after one of my favorite tv shows or a chapter of a book
I sleep for 2 hours each night and I'm never tired
I can stay up for a while but soon I drift of to sleep