What person are you

What school type are you Jock/Queen bee,dork,nerd find out in this quiz :)

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What do you do in the spare time

Running,boxing and everything sport
Shopping,gossiping and teaseing dorks
Video games and playing online

What is your favourite lesson in school

I hate school all subjects they all suck
Digital technologies and drama

How popular are you

Popular but I'm not the queen bee or anything
she is so stupid
Umm I'm the queen bee so very very VERY
Very unpopular
Awfully unpopular

What is your idea of a perfect outfit

PE top and swet pants
Only the best trends
Stuff from my cruddy wardrobe
My smart clothes

A new girl has came to school and she has the worlds ugliest outfit on what is your first impression of her

if she is a nerd I'd bash her up
Excuse me that outfit is so horrible it's giving
me hives she must be a Helth hazed if she
puts that ugly thing on
I would probably BE that girl
Say hi

Do you obsess over your looks

No Just toss my hair up in a ponytail and put
on my Pe uniform
YES it take years of plastic surgery and
tanning to look like this
Some times

Do you have makeup on

A sweep of mascara DONT YOU DARE THINK I
So much my face is plastic
Some foundation,mascara and lip gloss that's
all I need

Have you been bullied

No I'm to strong people don't mess with me
Umm no I'm to HOT
Yes all the time I'm always bulled verbally not
I get bashed and pushed around all the time

Do you own a diary

No I'm not a loser
Only DORKS have diaries
YESSSSSS I can not live without my diary

What do you do to express your anger

Beat up nerds
Tell my BFFS and go nuts they will take my side because I'm hot
Vent it down in my diary
Just work on your home work so what some Ideot is harrasing you