what form of egg are you?

are you scrambled? sunny side up? perhaps... simply One Yolk? ah... the possibilities are endless..

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which is the best, out of these...

butter knife
sharp knife (ouch!)
spewn (its like a spoon.. but

what milks do you like

vanilla flavoure

which sonic are you

dr eggman
sick and dying
mildly disgusted

which song screams "you"?

Berlioz – Grand Messe Des
Shostakovich – Symphony
No. 7 (Leningrad)
Zelenka: Miserere in C Il
Concerto A Due Cori no. 3 in
F major, II. Allegro Ma Non
Overture in E-flat major,
Aria IV: Allegro (Suite)
L'amant Anonyme:
Ouverture: I. Allegro Presto

whad is your favorite colour...

white and yelwo
yelloe. and Whide
yelo and wite... sometimes

how does this image make you feel

how does this image make you feel
warm.... almost.. tender...
i wish i could eat it
i did eat it
i want it. to Die
dare i say: curious..
like i am the only human left
on earth

how would you prefer to be cooked, once you die?

i want to be precisely sliced in half, seasoned, and served as a hors d'oeuvre (whores da vore)
i would like to be boiled inside my chrysalis, and then removed from it once it hardens.
i don't care how i am cooked, as long as my intestines are removed beforehand.
i wish to be violently mutilated with a whisk, fork, or spoon until i am unrecognizable.
boiled until i can no longer bear it.
i wish to be cooked ever so gently, and presented with my intestines on top of my limp body.

are you.... tender?

on the outside, i appear hard.. but i am quite fragile, in reality. i would say i am tender on the inside...
not in the way you'd expect...
i am not simply tender... i am completely soft.
i am quite fiendish, but... everyone is some degree of tender... longing... yearning...
i am the least tender boy out there... but alas! although i shan't admit it at first.... i have felt tender on occasion...

what would you name your firstborn?

gingivitis III
mr. barbecue
louis napoleon
jesus christ the fifth

what is your favorite song

the sound of eight howler monkeys screaming in unison
the funky tune that plays when i flush the toilet
any song that plays while i'm waiting to get transferred to another person on the phone with cox communications
the big bang theory theme song
the screech of a young magpie
miley cyrus' party in the usa