Which of my Sonic OC's are you?

Which of my Sonic OC's are you?

Girls only please! I hope you like this! So... which of my OC's are you? Lea-Anne, Nayma, Icicle, Carly, or me (Jackie)?

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Jackie: Hi everyone! So glad you made it! The girls and I are gonna ask you some questions that'll determine which of us you are truly like! So I'll start. What's your personality?

Bubbly and fun!
Kind and caring, yet brave and daring.
Cheeky and mischievous
A lot of attitude
Compassionate and content

Lea-Anne: Hey Jackie! Jackie: Took your time didn't you, Lea? Lea-Anne: What? Jackie: Just ask the question. Lea-Anne: Okay... *looks at question* O.O OH NO! Nayma: What's up? Lemme see! *looks at question* AHH! Lea-Anne: *gulp* What's your... favourite colour? *hides behind Nayma* Help! Carly: Scared-y-cat! Jackie: SHUT UP!

Any shade of blue
Red and black (Dauntless are we? Hell yeah! (High 5!)
Pale, bright colours, like white.
Purple, like orchids.
Pink, and shiny gold!!

Icicle: Is the colour question gone? Jackie: Yeah it's gone. You can come out now Ice. Icicle: Phew! Okay, I'll ask this one. Lea-Anne: Go for it! Icicle: Which of the boys are your favourite?

All of the above as friends
All of the above, but NO crush!

Lea-Anne: My turn for question! Carly: Okay, then it's my turn. Jackie: Ask away Lea! Lea-Anne: *clears throat* Say, you ran into Eggman, and he took you, and trapped you in a glass case, attached to wires, and when you wake up, you're a Mobian, what colour fur would you have?

Light blue
Tanned brown

Carly: Good question. Now my turn! Jackie: PLEASE nothing about gold. Let the habit go for once. Carly: Ugh, fine! Nayma: Good girl, Carly. Carly: Okay, here's the question. If we went shopping, which store would we go to first?

Weaponry (Yeah, cuz there's a weaponry in a shopping centre... okay it's near. XD)
I don't mind, you choose.

Nayma: I like that. I like that question. Carly: Cool huh? Lea-Anne: Yeah total sweet! Jackie: All right, let's not tire out our guest here. Icicle: Well, we've reached the end of the quiz anyway. Jackie: Already?! Aww c'mon! One more question? Nayma: Yeah, one more! Lea-Anne: I ask this! Would you work for G.U.N?

Already do
They're okay... but I'm not cut out for spy work.
I like G.U.N, but it's not for me.
Too violent! No thanks.

Jackie: And with that, we've reached the end of the quiz! Lea-Anne: Thanks for participating, and we hope you're satisfied with your result! Nayma: Course, if you're not, you can always re-take it. Icicle: Hope to see you soon! Carly: Hope you enjoyed this! Bye!

See ya girls!
Bye! I had fun!
Meh, it was okay.
Super sweet! I'll rate for sure!
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