Your Adventure Path

This is a quiz sorta of based on the fabulous Choose Your Own Adventure books! Have fun and enjoy!

published on October 22, 20165 responses 5
Your Adventure Path
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1) Walking down a dirt path, you notice a small trail leading off into the woods... after walking down it, you find that there is a large cave! Do you investigate?

Yes (move to the next
No, I'll walk around (Scroll
to question 3)

2) You try to move on but the cave is full of... darkness... you didn't bring a flashlight! Go back?

I'll go back to get some
supplies... (Skip to question
Nope! I'm going to power
through! (Skip to question

3) You try to walk around but the ground crumbles beneath your feet! You're now in the cave, what do you do?

Might as well investigate...
(Scroll up to question 2)
I need to get out of here!
(Scroll up to question 2)

4) You try to leave but you can't seem to find the exit! You're lost! You walk until the cave splits into two paths. The right path is wide and looks promising, but the left path is narrow and seem interesting... which path?

The right path! (Scroll up to question 2)
The left path! (Scroll down to the next question)

5) You try and keep moving forward, but its hard to navigate in the dark. Suddenly, you hear rocks crashing and crumbling around you! Fear grips you as you realize that the walls around you are caving in! What do you do?

RUN! GET OUT OF THERE! (Scroll to the bottom of the quiz)
Try and find shelter! (Scroll down to the next question)

6) You dive into a small opening in the wall and cover your head. The rocks don't stop falling and you don't know what to do!

Get out and make a break for it! (Scroll to the bottom of the quiz)
Try to stay in the small opening as long as possible (Scroll to the next question)

7) You stay and listen to the sound of rocks falling. You feel a tickling feeling and find that there are bugs crawling all over you!

Aaaaaahh!!! Get out of there! (Scroll to the next question)
Carefully crawl out there, and brush them off! (Scroll to the next question)

8) The crashing of boulders echo of the walls, making it seem like you could get crushed at any moment! Panic sets in and you...

Keep running! I need to get out!
Try to calm down and listen to where the rocks are falling...