What Hogwarts House Would You be Sorted Into? (1)

This is my first quiz, so I hope you like it! I have seen a lot of quizzes that are exetremly obvious about how to get into what house, and quizzes that have things like what's your favorite color, but I promise mine won't be like that. Contains spoilers!

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Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert?

Extrovert ALL THE WAY!!!

Would you rather be indoors or outdoors?


Cats or dogs?

I like both the same, but prefer *insert animal*

Ugh, this question. I know I know, so OBVIOUS, but just don't cheat, ok? Which of these describes you the best?


What element do you feel most connected to?


How do you feel towards muggles and muggle borns? (Be honest please, I would honestly feel very much better then them).

I feel far surperior to them
They are just like us!
I feel sorry for them
Despite my knowing that it's not their fault, I still feel like I'm better than them

Fight, flight, or freeze?

Analyze situation before deciding!

What is your dream job?

Famous sports player
Scientist (I know bioligists are scientists, just if you want to be a different type of scientist)
Political figure

Do you plan things out or improvise?

I always plan things out.
It depends on what the situation is.
Depends on my mood

What do you fear most?

Spiders (duh)
No one liking me

What is your opinion on Dumbledore's house favoritism?

Dumbledore is obviously favoring Gryffindor. Look at the facts!
Dumbledore is not favoring Gryffindor, all the other houses are just jealous!
I don't know... Dumbledore seems pretty great... but there is evidence... I'm going to have to think about this
I honestly do not care. He' s dead anyways, don't dwell on what he may or may not have done!

Favorite muggle class?

History, it's so facinating!
P.E., I love the activity!
Science, becuase it is really fun and intresting!
FCS because cooking is really great!

What is your favorite Hogwarts class? (Because of the subject, not the teacher)

Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures
Charms or Transfiguration
Potions or DADA
Flying Lessons or Free Period \o/

Was Snape a villian or a hero?

Villian, he was so mean to Harry, and only was in the Order of the Pheonix because of Lily! He was obsessed
with her and was so mean to her son!
Hero, he saved Harry on multiple occasions!
Honestly, I'm not sure. He was a bit of both
He was not a good person, yes, but he did the right thing, and that's all that matters

Are you a positive or negative person?

Neither, I see things and decide on what they are, good or bad. No in between, just get the data.
It depends on my mood

This question is kind of a break, but is also relevant: Who is you favorite Harry Potter Character?

Hermione, she's really smart
Ron, he's really funny
Harry, he's really brave
Dumbledore, he's really noble and can get what he wants

What is your patronus?

Rabbit/small mammal
Dog/wild cat
House cat/bird

What is your favorite activity?

Playing with my pets
Sports and hanging out with friends
Talking with friends

Which school would you most want to go to?

Hogwarts of course! It's the best! (Me: Well... if you say so...)
Ilvermorny! It seems really cool!
Beaubaxtons! I've heard Nicholas Flamel went there, and there's a fountain of beauty!
Durmstrang! It would be really useful to know the Dark Arts, and, c'mon, those robes are pretty sweet

And lastly, what is your preferred Hogwarts House?