What Does Chika Mino think of you?

This is a quiz where one of my favorite ocs will be saying what she thinks of you! Will she hate you? Will she like you? Or Will she ditch her mans for you. Most likely not be we gon try- right?

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You see a young girl with black hair braided into two braids.
Digging through her bag for a pencil.
You just do happen to have a extra one..
What do you do?

Give her the pencil
Not give her a pencil.
That’s yours
Wait a few more seconds to see if
she finds herself a pencil then if
she doesn’t give it to her
Debate whether or not you should
give it to her, Since you don’t know
how you should say it ‘ hey I’ve
been watching you for the last 20
seconds and see you don’t have a
pencil ‘ who does that?

If you gave it to her:
“ Hey I noticed you didn’t have a pencil” you spoke up.
As you pulled out the pencil you had
“ Here.”

“ Thanks!”
Chika smiled as she turned back to
her work
+ 10 Chika points
I didn’t give her the pencil
I’m sorry-! I was too awkward to
give her the pencil right off the
So I didn’t exactly choose this

If you didn’t give it to her:
Chika turned to you.
“ Hey! Do you think I could borrow one of your pencils?”

“ Yeah..Sure.” You answered with a
small smile. As you gave her the
I already gave it to her
“ This is my only one sorry.”
You winced
“ Oh. Okay.” Chika shrugged and
got up to ask another classmate

After that
It’s lunch time
1:00 pm.
Chika invites you to sit with her and her friends
Ash, Sero, Chiya, Kina, Ashida, and the friend everyone secretly hates Oni.
“ These are my friends.”

“ Hi guys!” You smiled widely.
You introduced yourself to all of
them and they introduced
themselves back, except Oni.
You looked at your feet and just
“ Are they okay?” Sero raised a
“ They’re just shy.” Chika giggled
as she pecked your cheek
You looked to the side
“ Hi.” You grumbled out.
“ You Okay ?”
“ Are you? You look like a nature
freak back tf off.” You yelled
You rolled your eyes and turned
Walking off
“ What’s they’re problem?” Ash
asked as he bit one of his
Chika shrugged

After Lunch Chika invites you over to her house.
“ You wanna come to my house?”

You shook your head no.
“ I have homework. Maybe
tomorrow?” You smiled
“ S-Sure!”
“ I don’t like you, why would I go
over your house?”

It’s the end of the day-
And somehow.
Someway Chika got you to walk her home.
She was holding your arm.
And hugging it.

“ Chika are you okay?”
You asked raising a eyebrow
“ Yeah! I’m just making sure you
don’t leave.”
You snatched your arm away from
“ Get the fucc off me. “ you then
pushed her away.
Before walking off
“ Chika, can you please get off
me? It’s making me a bit
Chika nodded as she let go of you
and the two of you walked side by

Alright my thumbs hurt now-
So see ya!

Good- boring ass quiz
Fucc off
Have a nice day

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