Would I Date You? (Boys only) (3)

Would I Date You? (Boys only) (3)

The title explains everything :3 Ok hope you enjoy I need more word so ... BLAH BLAH BLAH xD

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Are you funny?

Yeah! :D

Are you sweet?

Yeppers :)
Ehh ...

Would you protect your girlfriend no matter what?

Heck yeah I would
I don't know
Nah uh! If a bullet is coming let her die!

Do you mind if I talk a lot? (xD)

Nope! :D
Depends on how much you talk ... (It's a lot what else do you want? xD)
Yeah, shut up -_-

Are you random? :3

Yassss :3
Sometimes ...
Never, too mature for that (You're no fun -_-)