Which AFA House are You?

Which AFA House are You?

Take this quiz to see which Ad Fontes House you belong in. There is Athens, Atlantis, Ilium, and Rome.

published on May 31, 20142 responses 0
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What are you usually found doing?

Curled up with a book at home.
Having fun at a party!
Taking a nice walk.
Making plans for tomorrow.
Doing homework.

What do you want to do with your summer?

An internship.
A class reunion
Summer classes, just to get ahead
I just want to be left alone.
Doesn't matter, as long as you're with you friends.

You want to buy something but you don't have enough money, what do you do?

Wait it out, you'll get money soon enough.
Start a small business. It may or may not to off, but you will try your best.
Use what to learned in school to convince your parents to give you more allowance, you deserve
Ask your friends to borrow money, they trust you!
Sell some old stuff you don't need anymore.

You're told to put together a puzzle, what do you do?

Easy, this will only take a second...
Why do I need to put together a puzzle.
Everything fits with enough force!
Find someone smart to help you.
Get comfy. You can do this, it could just be a while.

A monster is attacking the school, what do you do?

Convince everyone to help you take it down. Strength in numbers!
This monster messed with the wrong school, this is your fight.
Challenge it to a duel of wits!
Run, just run.
Ask it why it is attacking you, maybe it's misunderstood. Maybe fighting it is not the best

What is the best kind of teacher?

One who teaches by through trial and error.
A laid back one, students don't work well under pressure.
The smartest one you can find.
Another student who knows what they are doing.
An honest and strict one, because you only deserve what you work for.

What do you do when you dodge-ball game starts?

Scream, "For Honor!"
Try to get out so you can get over with it.
Just go at it, you have to win this!
Try your strategy out.
Yell something funny that will cheer your team up.