Safe Escape WWFFY part 2

Safe Escape WWFFY part 2

You spend your first night at Sapphire's house. You're eager to leave, not wanting to get too attached.

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Knuckles' voice jolted you awake as he walked into your room. You rubbed your eyes and he was already out of the room. You sighed, swinging your legs over the side of the bed and softly pressing your feet onto the carpet. You were a little sore, but it wasn't a big deal, you could walk. Seeing the note pad on the table again, you decided to take it with you. Walking downstairs, you catch a whiff of something delicious. Eggs, bacon, biscuits, the works. Your mouth watered. It had been so long since you had a home-cooked meal. You were going to have to do everything you could not to swallow everything whole. As you reached the bottom of the stairs, a small fox ran up to you, smiling and waving. She couldn't be more then 11. She signed something, spelling it out slowly. You knew some ASL so you knew that she was telling you that their name was “Hotaru.” You wrote a message on the pad and turned it to them. (She's an OC of @Atsuko_Maeda_15th_Acchan)

"Hiya Hotaru!"
"Hello, Hotaru"
"Nice to meet you Hotaru!"
"Hi Hotaru, it's awesome that you talk in sign language"

Hotaru smiled and grabbed your hand, leading you into the dining area where everyone was sitting down. She took you over to an empty chair, with a plate already full of food sitting in front of it. They motioned for you to sit down whilst introducing you to Sonic, Shadow, Silver and Tails. You catch eyes with the guy you met last night and smile. You took your seat and nodded to Hataru smiling. She nodded back and took her seat next to Sapphire.
“Morning! nice to see that you are doing okay. How are you?.” Sapphire gave you a sweet smile. You pulled out the notepad. I feel better :). "That's good. Do you know sign language?” Yes. Does everyone here know it? "Yes, Hataru here can't talk so we all did our best to teach her, us learning it in the process!"You grabbed your fork slowly as Sapphire explains.

Go for the egg
Go for the bacon
Go for a sausage
Go for a hash brown

Stabbing your food, you put it your mouth and savoured it. When you looked up from your plate you felt a single pair of eyes on you. You felt your cheeks burn. You ate carefully, chewing every bite thoroughly. Even though you were listening to a conversation between Amy and Knuckles, you could still feel eyes on you. You finished off all the food on your plate and sighed. Your belly hadn't been this full in a while. So many new feelings today...but you knew it wouldn't stay like this. It couldn't stay like this.
"Do you want to stay a little longer?” Sapphires voice pulled you away from your thoughts. “Hotaru would love you teach you some more sign language.” You smiled at Hotaru and wrote something down. I really should be getting home. Hotaru's face fell a little, she signed “Please.” You thought about it a moment, you really didn't have anywhere you needed to be, you could stay a few more hours. You didn't want to just eat and leave either, that would be rude.

Alright, I can learn some more
Fine. Let's learn
Maybe a little longer wouldn't hurt
Why not? Let's learn with Hotaru!

Hotaru hopped down off her chair and ran over to you, grabbing your hand. You got up, grabbed your worn out jacket, and she took you out the back door into a spacious backyard. It was fenced in, with flowers and bushes lining the entire perimeter of it. Even with the snow covering it all, it was beautiful. Hotaru signed something to you, but you weren't exactly sure what they said.
“They want to know if you want an ASL lesson?” Silver said standing near you, leaning against the outside of the house. Oh. Yes, Hotaru I would love to learn how to sign. Hotaru signed happily to Silver and motioned for you to sit down. She began showing you different phrases, and writing down the meaning of each one, having you repeat them several times.

Learn the alphabet
Learn about places
Learn about colours
Learn about items

You learned a lot in the couple of hours you spent with Hotaru, enough to sign some basic sentences and get a good understanding of what Hotaru signed to you.
“Did you want to stay for lunch?” She signed to you as you both walked into the house You thought for a moment and lifted your hands to sign, when a voice startled you.
“Lunch is ready!” Sapphire called from inside. Hotaru tugged on your arm to get your attention and signed “Your staying, right?” You smiled and nodded. You agreed to stay for then, but you knew you needed to leave soon. You didn't want to get used to being here. You didn't need to make friends. You didn't want to be a burden on anyone again.

I need to get back, real soon
Ugh, don't make me feel guilty
I owe these guys so much already...
I'll go after lunch, I will