what kind of person are you? (18)

what kind of person are you? (18)

people are many things but what makes you stand out in a crowd? take this quiz to find out

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what do you see when you look outside your window?

i see people how they deceive each other misguided by what they think is true the lies they make up to make things better how they
don't realize the crackes and missing space of the puzzel
a world of possibility no rules that cant be broken chances a person can take at any moment that affect what goes on in our lives i see
that the slightest move could change so many things at once
restrictions that could be slightly bent to live in the moment make as much of the time you have worth it all

how do you accept change?

it happens all around us we just have to see it people they do these things hoping there mistakes could be undone but it has already happened we just have to learn to deal with it
very well you live with it and embrace it
we all cause change we all see it happen some of us are blind caught in the moment some of us pay too much attention and some of us just know when to see it and not

how much do you think of timing?

i let it happen were responsible for creating everything we see
i don't need to i live in the moment having fun i rely on the sun and moon to tell me night and day
often i wait for the moment that i do something so everything goes my way if i do it at the wrong time things could co wrong

how are you treated?

like a wild animal always told to calm down hahhah like that's gonna happen
left alone people are always to caught up in there life's to care for others
differently like a freak of nature i think and see differently than them when i am realistic they think i am being a jerk i honestly dont care what they think i know what i want i fallow that

what you pursue?

to be alive feel the adrenalin in my body
trust people to open there eyes and see theirs more
my goals to make a change to stand out be different inspire others