disney princesess or evil queen

try to find out are you a princess of a revenge artist ha . will you be nice or mean?

published on June 07, 201518 responses 1
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Do you like kids and animals

yes, animals and kids are preeety awesome
no, they are annoying and pushy

one power what would it be ?

No, power i love to be me and that's all
OMG, um i guess killing obeying powers i can make anyone do anything

pic a sentence that fits you ?

I am a revenge artist and don't care if i hurt your feelings
I am sweet ,kind and a loving person

favorite animal ?


are you evil

i am because i seek revenge on everyone who hates me i want the bully to know im the bully
no im sweet and kind never will hurt a fly

will you hurt someone to get your way ?

Yes i would
No i wouldn't