Are you Ready to Know the Waffle Staff Secrets?

You may or may not know of the mythical Waffle Staff. If you do you must know of its amazing properties and waffle powers. Are you ready to know its hidden power tough?

published on November 24, 201411 responses 1

Do you own a pet dragon?

Yes! I have all the types/I'm missing a SandWing, a SkyWing and an IceWing.
No/I own less than four.

Do you have a litter of Nyan cats?

Yup/Used to but traded them.
Nope/I just had one.

If you did have Nyan kittens, how many?

One or two!

Are they in a secret prophecy?

They are in a prophecy but not secret!

Okay. Do you even HAVE a Waffle Staff?

I'm looking for one.

Good. If you're looking be sure to watch me closely because I'll be giving them out soon!

Yeah yeah.