Which kitty are you?

This is a short quiz to determine which one of my sweet Maine coones are you most similar to

published on May 28, 201438 responses 22 4.5★ / 5

The moment you see your owner in the morning, you ....

meow for food and direct the owner to the food
only meow for food and look ADOREABLE
Why would I ask for food

How often do you try new foods

fairly often
if someone says its tastes good then...maybe
What kid of food sushi

How would you react to catnip/catmint

go all paranoid and sit straight
just act silly and fall from the cat condo
Why would I eat catnip its used in tea

would you have

extremely soft and fluffy slightly darker fur
really soft and slightly lighter fur
fur I have hair

On a cat condo would do ...

be on da top
next to da top
what's a cat condo (me: an awesome cat scratching post house thingy)