Which five nights at freddy's character are you?

Are you Freddy? Foxy? Chica? Perhaps Bonnie? Only one way to find out, folks. Who knows, you might be like Golden Freddy!

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How would you describe your appearance?

I'm wearing a hat and classy bowtie.
My clothes are kinda torn up...
People think I'm the opposite gender... I think they're saying I dress like a metro.
Uhh... I'm a little husky, to be honest...
What the--?! I'm wearing the same clothing as that guy, except for the colors! Darn it!

What's your biggest accomplishment out of these?

Attacked five people and hid them after they were beaten up.
Became the band singer.
Ate a large slice of cheese pizza slice in one bite! It was cool, until people accused me of biting people. How did that rumor start...?
I'm the first to the rendezvous all the time!
Scared a lot of people just by standing in the window. It was funny as hell!

What skill would you want?

To run super fast!
To rock that guitar!
Awesome Leadership!
Eat anything I want!
Teleportation would be cool.

What would be your catchphrase, if you had one?

"IT'S ME, (Insert name here)!" But not like Mario.
Ummm... I got this guitar, so maybe "Rock on" or something like that.
I dunno, let me see what's on my shirt.
I just scream my head off. "AAARGH!"
I think I'll say "Are you guys ready?" or something similar.

If you had to attack some one, how would you do it?

Wait for them to be distracted, then enter the right door.
The same as the one above, but using the left door instead.
Attack when their guards down, and intimidate them with a music box!
Rush straight at them!
Play dead, and then mess 'em up!