what type of clown are you?

what type of clown are you?

been thinking about clowns, we're all clowns here so why not make a cool clown quiz? homestuck not included

published on January 28, 202120 responses 2
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if you had super powers what would you use them for?

crime, what kinda milk toast bitch do i
look like?
make hatsune miku real
anything that benefits me
save cats and cats only

what's you're hobby?

baking, even if im bad at it
rad illegal science
being vague
cursing people with ancient spells from
the back of a taco bell

which best describes the way you taste?

too much egg
needs more cinnamon

which strength applies to you best?

having a generous amount of braincells
so forgettable you can get away with
murder when you're right next to the
openly an eldritch god
i have a shred of confidence so therefore i am superior

ok now pick someone to kin

problematic guy
jojo reference
ur mom
sans undertale

what's your aesthetic? (or closest to your aesthetic)

soft colors, childlike easiness, lullabies,
worn old plushies, fluffy socks, and pink
black and white, lost media, familiar
sounding music, small houses, blurry
photos, and liminal spaces
secluded areas, frogs in puddles, spots
in the shade, comfortable silence,
faraway plains, and closure
art deco, elaborate suits, expensive wine
glasses, women in floral dresses, night
drives, and buzzing street lights

you're at a party, what's the first thing you do?

call my mom
fight someone until we start kissing
stick with the one person i know
start summoning ghosts from the

pick a cool fish

clown fish
clown fish
saddle butterfly fish
saddle butterfly fish
crowntail betta fish
crowntail betta fish
frilled shark
frilled shark

how responsible are you?

somewhat, but people give me more
credit than i deserve
i'm alive so that's responsible enough
i used to be responsible but now i'm a
dumpster fire

what would you say your humor revolves around most?

spontaneous things, whatever's on my
something satirical and relevant
vague and surreal
bad puns

choose a pic i have on my phone