What engagement ring portrays your personality?

What engagement ring portrays your personality?

Answer these questions to roleplay in different scenarios to find out which wedding ring your personality portrays.

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A bully bullies you because of eating disorder, age 15. You:

Ignore them
Bully them right back
Defeat them in the battle of wits
Confess I am a fool (jerk, idiot, wuss, dummy)
Stand up for myself

You find your boyfriend/girlfriend has been cheating on you, age 16. What do you do?

Try to make him feel like a jerk.
Take a risk and play a mean prank on him.
Pretend you never saw the scene.
Ask him why.
Tell him and walk away.

What is your favorite faction in Divergent?


Age 30, you are getting married and it starts to rain. What do you do?

Put up a tent.
Take a risk and continue the wedding.
Run to safety and than continue the party!
Cancel the wedding and do it another day.
Help everyone to warmth.

Pretend you are at your friend's house, age 18. Your friend asks if you want to hang out at an old, wrecked trampoline with a couple of friends. What do you say?

"I don't think that's a good idea."
"Bring it on!"
"Sounds fun!"
"No thank you."
"Too scary."

You are being caught sneaking candy. What do you do?

Try to hide the fact you've stolen the food.
Stand up for yourself. "It's irresistible!"
Say, "I was tying to reach the chips."
Apologize for stealing the candy and ask what you can do to make up for it.
Put the candy back and eat something healthier.