Are you an angel or devil ?

This quiz will determine if you're an angel or devil so have fun and don't forget to comment!

published on December 07, 201547 responses 11
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When your mom asks you to help her what do you do ?

Help her she needs a break sometimes and do it for mom!!!!
She doesn't really ask me cause she knows I'm busy!!!!
Leave her!!!! Do the wrong thing!!!!

You see her after dinner going to wash the dishes what do you ?

I'll clean up the dishes while she takes a break
You and her do teamwork
Leave her i said!!!!

Your friend at school looked sad what do you do ?

Comfort my friend and make him/her feel better
Talk a it make him/her laugh then leave
Look at him/her while walking and turn your head away and walk away laughing!!!!

Do you steal ?

Yes!!!! I love to steal!!!! I'm a prefeshinal thief!!!!

What mostly do you think you deserve ? Any one of them ?


What's your thought on this quiz ?

It was very nice!!!!
I guess it's fine....
Terrible!!!!Now give me my result already!!!!