Warriors: Power of Three

Warriors: Power of Three

Which cat are you most like? (Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, or Dovewing?)

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And enemy clan is invading the camp! What do you do?

ATTACK! You can't let these snake-hearts beat you!
Run to your loved ones, and protect them!
Get the medicine supplies ready! Your going to need it for all of the hurt cats.
Protect those who need protecting!

It's the heart of leaf-bare, and your clan in starving! What should you do?

I'd better stock up on catmint, and make sure the cats don't get sick!
I have to hunt, and I will not touch a single piece of fresh-kill, until my clan is well-fed!
Whatever I'm told to do, I'll do it!
I need to go on border patrol! I don't want any enemy clan taking our territory, just because they think we're weak!

What's most important to you?

The warrior code.
Defending my clan.
Caring for others.
Making sure my loved ones are safe.

A group of rouges are attacking your camp! One is holding down your leader (on his last life) , one is holding down your brother, one is holding down your sister, and one is holding down your kit. Who do you save?

My sister!
My brother!
My leader!

You can smell a fire, but everyone else is asleep! What do you do?

Wake up all of the warriors, and alert them.
Get your littermates, AND GRAB THE KITS!
Alert the leader, IMMEDIATLY!
Get the medicine supplies, then alert everybody. You can't have precious, life-saving herbs wasted!

What's your favorite color of the selection?


It's a lazy, mid new-leaf day. What would you want to do?

I'll just go look for herbs. I'd better stock up!
Whatever my leader wants me to do the most!
I'd better go on border patrol. Those borders aren't going to check themselves!
Oh.... I think I can smell squirrel! I'm going to go catch it!

What's your favorite color of this selection?

Dark Blue.
Light Blue.

The deputy is assigning patrols for the day! What do you do?

I'm not picky. I'll just let my deputy decide for me.
I'll go hunting.
I'm just going to go out on my own to find some herbs.
Border patrol, baby! Nothing's getting past me!

The leader is assigning who is going to go on the patrol to invade the enemy clan's camp. What do you do?

I'm going to tear those mangy mouse-hearts apart! Only to defend my clan, though.
I'll stay behind a bush with emergency herbs in case of an injury.
Bring me! I need to protect my clan!
If my littermates is going, I'm going with them!

What's your position in your clan?

Medicine cat.
Whatever will help my clan the most.
Just a normal warrior, to defend the ones I love.
Warrior, even though deputy or leader would be nice, too.

Your current deputy just died. The leader chooses you to be the new deputy. How do you react?

I'm honored to be chosen, but I just would like to be a normal warrior.
WOW! YES! This is AMAZING! I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE DEPUTY, or maybe even leader!
I'm so honored! I accept, so I can help my clan thrive!
Nah, medicine is really my thing.

You were just told that you are in a prophecy, that makes you greater than all my clanmates! How do you react?

I can help my clan thrive with my greatness!
What could this mean?
Um... I kind of want to be normal. What if other cats judge me because of this?
WOW! I'm unstoppable! This is AMAZING!

How much did you enjoy this?

It was ok.
It was great!