Who is your Spirit Pokemon?

Who is your Spirit Pokemon?

There is a magical realm inside of us all, waiting to be discovered. The vast world of Pokemon, inhabited by wild and fascinating creatures. Discover which Pocket Monster is hidden in you!

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What words do you 'connect' with?

Care, warm, soft, smile.
Sneaky, witty, charming, shine.
Rage, champion, storm, pain.
New, feeling, thoughts, sense.
Revenge, poison, sorrow, sweet.
Noble, rising, contemplate, world.
Vivid, cold, justice, righteous.
Free, sky, soar, horizon.
Rest, calm, fluffy, possibilities.
Conversations, exchanging, bubbles, greetings.
Dreaming, create, ideas, life.
Bright, sun, crystals, glitter.

You are walking along a dark alleyway. Suddenly, you are jumped by a shady guy!
You have one hundred dollars in your bag, a small knife, some rope, a pack of chewing gum, and a bag of groceries.
What do you do?

Offer to cook a meal for him. He looks hungry and sad!
Surrender, then at the last moment get away with your stuff AND his.
Take out the small knife and inflict... damage.
Run to the police. Demand they do an investigation immediately to find who the shady guy is.
Run away, then vow to find whoever he was and make him suffer later.
Give him the money and leave with style.
Swing the bag of groceries at him like a boss!
Politely plead him not to harm you, then offer the gum.
Bind him with the rope and leave him there. He deserves it.
Stare at him until he gets creeped out and begs you to leave him alone.
Devise a foolproof, sufficient plan to rid of him quickly.
Give him a good punch in the face. The proceed with a couple kicks, and a smack for good measure.
Think about all possible options, than promptly become immobilized by fear.
Strike up a friendly conversation.
Try to persuade him to let you join him on his thieving adventures.

What is your favorite color?

Soft pink.
Deep purple.
Stormy blue.
Neon blue.
Light purple.
Pale green.
Bold red.
Forest green.
Glittering pink.

You are at a party.
Where do you go, what do you do?

Leave immediately, before he/she finds me.
Fooling people with my magic tricks.
Helping in the kitchen.
Gossiping with friends.
Arguing over someone's terrible music taste.
Playing a game with friends.
Observing everyone from a distance.
Isolate myself on the porch.
Attempting to drown in the punch bowl.
I've already left for another place.
Wandering around absentmindedly.
I hosted the party.
I wouldn't be at a party... I have no friends.
Rocking an amazing outfit.

Pick an item.

An apron.
A magic hat.
My fist.
A newspaper.
A rose.
A medal.
A silk scarf.
A magnifying glass.
A feather.
A piece of candy.
A bowtie.
An aloe plant.
A glittering pink diamond.
A plastic spoon.

What is your favorite hobby out of the given?

Looking after young children.
Stealing petty things.
Starting fights.
Watching the news.
Writing poetry. Usually the sad kind.
Perfecting a sport/video game/craft.
Spending time with those I love.
Watching Law and Order.
Staring at the ceiling.
Contemplating the existence of life on other planets.
Hanging with my friends, going places.
Talking with a stranger/teacher/friend/family/my cat.
Trying to make new friends.
Being thankful for all I have.

A friend has recently told you they no longer want to keep your friendship. You have been friends for years.
What do you do?

Accept their feelings, then make them some cookies.
Attack them.
Ask them why.
Accept their feelings, then moan to your other friends about how rotten he/she is.
Plot your revenge immediately.
Understand, then vow to make it up to them somehow.
Do whatever you must to save the friendship. You WILL NOT let this go. Friendship is very dear to you.
Devise a smart comeback of some sort, and move on.
End the friendship there with no regrets.
Giggle uncontrollably.
Make a new friend the next day.
Brainstorm things you can do to get he/she back.
Begin to chat casually about the fun times you two had.
Think about what a good friend he/she was.

You win the lottery!
What do you do with the money?

Donate it to charity.
Find ways to trick people to get even more!
Whatever I want.
Use it to bribe the government.
Buy an expensive house to live in.
Set it aside for my career/dream.
Give it to my family and friends.
Buy books to fill a grand library.
Keep it all to myself, don't tell anyone about it.
Burn it. All of it.
Spend it on an awesome trip/vacation.
Spend little bits on small things.
Use it to host the party of the year.
Pay people to hang out with me.
Shopping spree! Buy lots of shiny things.