Dating Sim! (Dandere Girl)

Heyyy! This is the fourth Dating Sim! (Dere Girl). This isn't the last one, don't worry! This is just the last dere mentioned in my What Der are you? Quiz. Follow to stay updated!

published on March 29, 201683 responses 9
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H-Hello! ..Um, I'm A-Ariel... W-What's your n-name..?

Hello! I'm ----. What would you like to do today?
Oh. Okay. I am ----.
Ugh, I hate that name. My name is ----.

O-Oh! W-Well, I am a bit bored, so, um.. ah... C-could we go to the, u-um, circus...?

..Fine..? I honestly don't care.
Guh! Circus? Okay! The only act I'm going for is you, 'cause you're a stupid clown!
Sure! That sounds great.

..umm....thx...let's, uhh, go..?

Okay! The Circus is just around the corner.
Ugh.. Fine! Just don't rush me, chubby!

*At Circus* Oh...U-Um look! There's popcorn! Could we..uh. Get some to s-share?

Oh! I'll have some, but you're chubby enough! You don't need any!
Perfect! A snack while watching is good. How about a drink too?

Oh! The Circus is starting. Let's go!
Ugh. Hurry up, Chubby! The Circus is starting.
Lets go. Circus' starting.

*In Circus* Ahaha~❤ Look at the c-clowns!

Literally all they're doing is falling off pedistals and climbing into tiny cars.
They honestly aren't that funny.
Haha! You're right, they are funny!

*After* T-That was f-fun...

To me, being with you made it more fun.
Shut up, Chubby.
Yeah, whatever. I guess so.

E-Eh!? Y-You didn't have to say that... Oh! It would be fun i-if we went onto one of those bullet trains!

I know! They are so fast! I heard one time one caught on fire, so a guy jumped out, but the train was going so fast he died!!
I agree! We should go on one.

*On bullet train* *Ariel fell asleep against you on the train. What do you do?

*Leave her be. She is probably tired*
*Wake her up!!*

*She woke up anyway.* *That does effect score tho* O-Oh....? D-Did I fall asleep!? I'm so sorry, ----!!

Ugh! Learn to not do that, then!!
Oh! I-It's alright.
Whatever.. It's fine, don't apoligize.

Ah-This is where I live.. A-And since I'm so tired, I guess I'll go h-home... See u..

Bye! Hope to see you again, Ariel!
Bye, Chubby.