Could you be my dream guy? (Boys only)

Could you be the perfect guy for me? I'm not one for relationships so you'd be lucky if you get yes!

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Favorite Car brand?


*Scenario* Say you were dating this girl and someone makes fun of her for something she likes. What do you do?

Laugh along with the guy, he has a good point!
Defend her, how dare they say that!
Not like the joke all that much.

Are you into cars?

Cars are my LIFE
I like cars
Eh....they're chill
Ugh, no way!

What do you want in a girl?

Smart, attractive, funny, loves cars
Kind, sweet, loves football
Sporty, Chill, Smart. Loves cars

What sport would you like your girlfriend to play?

Track and field
Endurance Runner

(Way in the future, I know) many kids do you want?

As many as we can have!!!!
5 or less. At least one.
None. At. All. I hate kids.
None. 1 at the most.

Are you into video games?

No way.
Video games are bae