What Degree Should You Do?

What Degree Should You Do?

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Do you consider yourself an Entrepreneur?

Yes, i have always thought i was an Entrepreneur
No, i am definitely not an Entrepreneur
Sometimes i can be Entrepreneurial

Which of the following applies to you the most?

I want to work for a small business
I want to work for myself
I want to work for a large corporation
I want to work for an array of different people

Which of the following do you enjoy the most?

Selling - making a product seem appealing to a customer
Planning - organising and planning events, dates, and more
Management - being the first point of call, controlling things or people
Finance - analysing statistics, calculating risks
All of the above

Do you like Maths / Numbers?

Yes, i love numbers & problem solving.
No, I hate maths and anything to do with numbers
Im okay with it if i have to do it.
I like it a little bit.

Do you see yourself working internationally?

Yes, of course!
No way!
Yes, a little bit
Only if i have to
I want to work wherever there is opportunity

Which do you find the most interesting?

Events Management
International trade

Where would you prefer to work?

At Home
In an office
In a large corporate firm
In a hotel

Do you consider yourself financially savvy?

Yes, i often give people advice on how to save & what to spend their money on!
Im okay with financials, i try to make smart moves
I'm terrible financially, i always ask others for guidance.
Im great with financials, but only my own.
Im good at sticking to a budget.

Which one of the following resembles you the best?

I love to be in control & lead others to a common goal
I could sell ice to an eskimo
I love to travel & know a lot about hotels and tourism
I have heaps of business ideas & consider myself street smart
I love to give others advice on their financials & consider myself very knowledgable

Which one pertains to you?

I mostly want to be rich
i mostly want to be successful
i mostly want to help others
i mostly want to live easy
I mostly want to do what i love