Who in the Triple Threat would date you?

Who in the Triple Threat would date you?

Hey guys welcome to the quiz I hope your ready to take it to find out which one of the guys in the Triple Threat would date you would be Hazen, Scourge, Steel, or Sanctum?

published on October 19, 201520 responses 3 4.5★ / 5

Electra: Okay everyone welcome to the quiz I hope your ready to answer some questions because I have invited the Triple Threat guys to join us
Scourge: Hey
Steel: Hi
Sanctum: Hello
Hazen: Hi

Hey there Scourge
Hi Steely!
Hello Sanctum, nice seeing you
Oh hi Hazen...

Electra: Alright guys first question will be from me so don't hate me, what is your fave color? *hides*

Darkish light green
Black and brown

Electra: Okay Steel your turn to ask a question
Steel: Okay sure, if you had powers what would they be?

Ice based powers
Being a demon
Super Speed

Electra: Your turn to ask a question Scourge
Scourge: Alright, where would you wanna go if one of us took you on a date?

Ice skating
Some place private where we can be alone
Anywhere that seems fun
The underworld

Electra: Hazen your turn to ask a question
Hazen: Why would I-
Electra: -_- just do it
Hazen: Fine. How do you feel about taking mortal souls?

Not really that interested
Sounds cool I guess
That sounds fun

Electra: Alright, Sanctum your turn to ask a question
Sanctum: Sure why not. What is your favorite hobby?

Snowball fights!
Playing pranks on people
Scary people to death
Taking walks in the park

Electra: Okay now I will ask the rest of the questions, so what do you like in a guy?

That he is fun, can get angry easily, friendly, and outgoing
Devilish, evil, not much of a smiler, and scary
Troublemaker, prankster, determined, and bad
Brags, picky, weird, and kind

Electra: Next question, what would be your-
Steel: favorite type of food?
Electra: Steel I was gonna ask that!
Steel: Yeah but you didn't I did XP
Electra: -_-

Chili dogs
Waffles and cotton candy
Marshmallows and hamburgers
I don't need to eat anything I'm immortal

Electra: Alrighty were almost done, now which guy would you want and which of my fellow friends would you allow to introduce you too?

I'll have Peril introduce me to Hazen
I'll have Wolfina introduce me to Scourge
I'll have Electra introduce me to Steel
I'll have Striker introduce me to Sanctum

Electra: Final Question, what did you think of this quiz?
Sanctum: I think it sucked
Electra: Shut up Sanctum who asked for your opinion

I loved it
It sucked
It was cool