How many kids will you have? (3)

Hi guys I just decided to make this quiz. Hope you like it. So great lets get started.

published on October 24, 201538 responses 0
How many kids will you have? (3)
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How many kids do you want?

I want like more than 5.
I want about like 2-3.
I want like 0-1.

How many kids can you handle at once?

I can handle at least 5 if not more.
I can handle a fair amount like about 2-4.
I can handle like 0-2 kids at once.

Do you have a siblings or as a kid did you have siblings?

4 or more.
I am an only child or I have 1 sibling.
I have 2-3 siblings.

What boy names do you like?(just for fun doesn't count)

Jake and Olly pronounced oh-lee.
John and Ari pronounced ah-Rick.

Which girl names do you like? Also doesn't count.

Sam and Dylan
Alex and Charlie